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Around the country, the flow of work is slowing down. That's where effective marketing can make all the difference -- keep jobs coming in through this quieter period, and come out the other side stronger than ever. Let us help you craft a tailored marketing platform, one that you own and control, to ensure long-term stability and success.

Our team brings industry-leading digital marketing expertise right to you. No need for expensive agencies or subscriptions. Just solid advice and expert solutions from people who know their stuff.

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Simple, Effective,
and Affordable Marketing

We understand the busy life of construction business owners. Getting marketing tasks done shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming. We're here to make it easy for you.

Here when you need us

We're here when you need us, even after hours or on weekends. Your success is our priority, and we'll always find a way to help you get things done.

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At Mainland Digital, we operate just like a construction business. We're experienced strategists and project managers who bring in specialist contractors as needed. Our network of digital specialists delivers industry-leading marketing solutions at a great price. You don't have to rely on expensive agencies for top talent. We've established connections with exceptional freelancers, independent contractors, and project-based professionals. Our approach saves you money and ensures targeted solutions.

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What we do

Think of us as the bridge between your expertise and the clients who need it most. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, finding and engaging your ideal clients can be tricky.

With a clear strategy and the power of targeted outreach, we connect you with those who truly value your craftsmanship and solutions. No more casting a wide net and hoping for the best – let's narrow in on what truly matters to your business.

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enhance your look

High quality creative design will ensure you put your best foot forward. The better you look, the more credible you'll be, and the more you can charge for your work. If you want those awesome jobs, then you need awesome marketing!

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Connecting you with ideal clients

We help you right through the entire sales and marketing process, from getting you found, to nurturing new leads all the way through to the job starting.

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grow your business

It's time to take control of your marketing destiny. Embrace a digital strategy that delivers tangible, long-term results. Build a marketing platform tailored to your business and designed for success. Every marketing asset we build is owned by your business.

Meet the founder

Digital Marketer Nick Grimshaw

Nick Grimshaw


We want to help make it easy for Kiwi Construction Businesses and Tradies to market themselves effectively. There is a growing gap between companies who have been able to invest in quality digital talent, and those who have not.

That’s why I started Mainland Digital, to:
Provide expert solutions to local businesses
Offer support and accountability to people that we work with
Give no B.S. advice that helps you achieve what you want

We're not just consultants; we're your on-call marketing managers. We'll come to you, get to know your strengths, and ensure your audience sees the best of you.

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